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Bhutan Travel & Tours

With a nickname like 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', you know Bhutan has to be somewhere pretty special. And Bhutan does not disappoint. Here, mist-bathed monasteries, stupas and colorful Buddhist prayer flags punctuate epic mountain vistas. 

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13 Days From CA$6210 without flights
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22 Days From CA$7050 without flights

Historically, until the 17th century, Bhutan was a feudal society, largely fragmented across the disparate mountains and valleys. A Lama and military leader, Ngawang Namgyal, brought unity to the kingdom whilst fleeing the Gelugpa sect led by the Dalai Lama in Lhasa. His legacies include a network of elaborate fortresses called dzong, which are still used for religious and administrative purposes today. Elsewhere, life continues to revolve around agrarian pursuits, especially animal husbandry. Traditional dress continues to be widely worn, including knee-length robes called gho for men, and ankle-length dresses called kira for women. Festivals tied to the moon, the monsoon season, or the whims of deities continue to play a major role in cultural life.

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