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Europe & Turkey Trips

  • Font Blanca Peak
  • St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków
  • Mont-Blanc-Hero.jpg
  • Sunrise over Prague
  • Sunset over the Blue Mosque, Istanbul
  • Acropolis in Athens
  • Dubrovnik
  • Geiranger Fjord

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Many of our planet’s richest cultures and most striking landscapes are much closer to home than we realise, spread among the 50 or so independent states that make up the world’s second smallest continent: Europe.

From the windswept Atlantic coast in the west to the vast taiga forests of Russia in the east, and from the Polar tundra of the north to the Mediterranean’s sun-kissed shores, Europe’s landscapes are as varied as they are dramatic. To experience untamed nature you could explore the pristine wilderness of Iceland or the fjord-indented coastline of Norway; to enjoy gentler landscapes you could walk through the rolling hills of Tuscany or among the picturesque villages and terraced hillsides of the Amalfi Coast. Perhaps Europe’s most famous landscapes are in her highest mountain range, the Alps, where the iconic silhouettes of the Matterhorn, the Eiger and Mont Blanc are known all over the world.

Europe’s cultural heritage is second to none: the whole of western civilisation has its roots in the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome. Throughout the continent and especially around the shores of the Mediterranean you can explore the legacy of the Greek and Roman empires, at spectacular sites such as the Acropolis in Athens or Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy. Every era and every civilisation since then has left its mark, from the medieval cathedrals of northern Europe to the Renaissance art and architecture of Italy and Baroque cities of central Europe. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy this wealth of culture and heritage: it makes up the fabric of most of Europe’s greatest town and city centres.

If you like to be active on holiday, Europe has it all. You can hike in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Tatras, the Picos de Europa and a host of other mountain ranges, or you can opt for gentler walking in the hills of Andalucia, among the olive groves and vineyards of Italy, or along beautiful Mediterranean coastlines. For cyclists of every level Europe is full of opportunities: well developed networks of rural back-roads and dedicated cycle paths make it easy to cycle away from busy roads throughout the continent. Spain, Italy and France are favourites with Explore cyclists, but so also are the less well known cycle trails of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Baltic Republics. Being rich in rivers and mountains, Europe is also ideal for multi-activity holidays, with rafting, kayaking, canyoning, climbing and many other activities widely available.

The wild and varied landscapes of the continent, along with its rich history forged through centuries of civilisation, all form part of the boundless - and timeless - treasures of Europe.

  • Capri

    Italy (47 Trips)

    Whether in art, architecture, food, fashion or football, Italy's contribution to the cultural heritage of Europe and...

  • Competa Sierra De Almijara

    Spain (39 Trips)

    Caught with one foot in the past and the other firmly in the 21st century, Spain conjures up stereotypes and then...

  • Amazing scenery

    France (18 Trips)

    Whether you fancy hiking in the Alps, tasting wine in the Loire, chugging down the waterways of the Canal du Midi or...

  • Stunning views

    Greece (16 Trips)

    Greece is the cradle of ancient civilization, liberally sprinkled with architectural gems – from Minoan palaces to...

  • St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków

    Poland (13 Trips)

    Poland’s countryside is tinged with folklore and medieval towns, ancient wooden churches and mysterious rural...

  • Breathtaking view in the Plitvice Lakes National Park

    Croatia (12 Trips)

    Encompassing an arc of geographically complex territory between the Balkans, Central Europe, and the Mediterranean...

  • Faja dos Cubres walk

    Portugal (12 Trips)

    Portugal is scattered liberally with picturesque whitewashed towns and villages and their distinctive black and white...

  • A Church In The Small Southern Town Of Vik With A Dramatic Backdrop

    Iceland (9 Trips)

    The local word for cloud is ský, rotten shark meat is considered a delicacy and Ketill, meaning ‘kettle’, is a...

  • Geiranger Fjord

    Norway (9 Trips)

    At the northern tip of Europe is this land of deep, dramatic fjords, mighty glaciers and midnight sun. Part of the...

  • Pirna town centre

    Germany (7 Trips)

    Germany has always played a leading role Europe’s intellectual and cultural life – its sons include Albert...

  • Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania

    Lithuania (7 Trips)

    Lovely, laidback Lithuania, with its beautiful baroque little capital Vilnius, must be Europe’s most underrated...

  • Sunset over the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

    Turkey (7 Trips)

    The Republic of Turkey is a fascinating jumble of cultures in a country that has a population of over 75 million...

  • Clock Tower, Graz

    Austria (6 Trips)

    Almost three quarters of land-locked Austria is dominated by a shifting highland panorama of jagged peaks and rolling...

  • Panorama of Tallinn, Estonia

    Estonia (6 Trips)

    One of Europe’s most intriguing and offbeat destinations, the small Baltic country of Estonia, with a population of...

  • Riga

    Latvia (6 Trips)

    Baltic beauty Latvia, along with neighbouring lovelies Estonia and Lithuania, must be one of northern Europe’s most...

  • Peles Castle

    Romania (6 Trips)

    Romania, dark and mysterious, never fails to spark the imagination. This is the land of Vlad the Impaler, better...

  • Hermitage, St Petersburg

    Russia (6 Trips)

    While the days of the mighty Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) may have passed with its dissolution in 1991,...

  • Bear watching

    Finland (5 Trips)

    Located between East and West, Finland is a country of contrasts. The seasons could hardly be less extreme: long,...

  • Calm waters

    Greenland (5 Trips)

    Greenland is the largest island in the world and home to the world’s largest national park. With large portions of...

  • Hiking in the High Tatras

    Slovakia (5 Trips)

    Slovaks love the outdoors and with so much on their doorstep, it’s easy to see why. The Carpathian, Ore and Tatra...

  • In the shadow of Matterhorn

    Switzerland (5 Trips)

    With four official languages – Swiss German, French, Italian, and Romansch – a variety of cuisines, cultures and...

  • Quaint Albanian towns

    Albania (4 Trips)

    The proud Balkan nation of Albania is filled with rugged mountains, commanding hill-top palaces, and impenetrable...

  • Budapest

    Hungary (4 Trips)

    Communism was never a good fit for Hungary, a self-assured and sophisticated nation long-celebrated for its...

  • Above the Levadas

    Madeira (4 Trips)

    Cloaked in lush tropical vegetation thanks to a warm year-round climate, Madeira is part of a Portuguese volcanic...

  • Views over Kiev, Ukraine / Vic Johnson

    Ukraine (4 Trips)

    Ukraine is steeped in grandeur and romance, a land of ethereal hilltop palaces and shining Orthodox domes. Punctuated...

  •                                 Belarus Explorer

    Belarus (3 Trips)

    Bordering Russia and Ukraine to the east, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to the west, land-locked Belarus is a bastion...

  • Lake Ohrid

    Macedonia (3 Trips)

    As the fabled birthplace of Alexander the Great – a leader whose extraordinary military skill earned him an empire...

  • Alcudia city hall

    Mallorca (3 Trips)

    Known for its stunning beach resorts, secluded coves and plentiful historic remains scattered among the limestone...

  • 'Backroads of Bosnia and Montenegro'

    Montenegro (3 Trips)

    With its towering mountains, medieval towns, fjord-indented coastline, sandy beaches and the blue waters of the...

  • Medieval Serbian monastery, Gracanica

    Serbia (3 Trips)

    As a frontier between the great empires of east and west, Serbia has weathered centuries of turbulent and dynamic...

  • Sicily's beautiful coastline

    Sicily (3 Trips)

    Sicily is a sly seductress. You’ll fall for her – everyone does – but she won’t make it easy. First...

  • View of Piran from the town walls / Angus Hamilton

    Slovenia (3 Trips)

    The Republic of Slovenia has a tiny population of 2 million and only covers an area of around 20,000 square...

  • Explore the coast

    United Kingdom (3 Trips)

    The United Kingdom (UK) – defined as Great Britain, Northern Ireland and a number of smaller islands – is an...

  • 'Backroads of Bosnia and Montenegro'

    Located on the Balkan Peninsula and part of the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is bordered by Croatia to...

  • Sunrise over Prague

    Czech Republic (2 Trips)

    Surrounded by ancient forests and rugged green mountains, the Czech Republic is a mysterious land of gothic castles...


    Denmark (2 Trips)

  • Prizren, Kosovo

    Kosovo (2 Trips)

    The United Nations maintain a visible security presence in the tentative Balkan state of Kosovo, a disputed territory...

  • A familiar sight amongst stunning architecture /

    Malta (2 Trips)

    There are very few countries in the world that have had the rich history that this tiny nation of 122,316 square...

  • Amsterdam

    Netherlands (2 Trips)

    With over half the land reclaimed from the sea, the low lying Netherlands are characterised by gentle but beautiful...

  • Font Blanca Peak

    Andorra (1 Trip)

    A mere smudge on the border between France and Spain on a European map and coming in at a lightweight 291 square km...

  • Faja dos Cubres walk

    Azores (1 Trip)

    The Azores are nine verdant and unspoilt volcanic islands in a subtropical remote spot of...

  • Colourful buildings in Bruges

    Belgium (1 Trip)

    Belgium is far more than just beer, fries and mussels (although the country’s cuisine is a definite draw). Belgium...

  • Trigrad Canyon

    Bulgaria (1 Trip)

    Ruled by the Ottomans for five centuries and then the Bulgarian Communist Party after WWII, the Republic of Bulgaria...

  • Besparmak Range

    Cyprus (1 Trip)

    Inhabited since ancient times, the island of Cyprus is shrouded in myth and mystery. Famed as the legendary...

  • Chisinau park, Moldova / Vic Johnson

    Moldova (1 Trip)

    Moldova is a friendly, sleepy place, steeped in far-flung rural villages and prolific farmlands. Famed for its...

  • Coastal walks

    North Cyprus (1 Trip)

    One of the largest and most unspoiled islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is divided into a southern Greek half and...


    Sweden (1 Trip)

    Blessed with generally warm, fine summers and cold winters with heaps of snow, Sweden is a country best enjoyed...