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Our new partnership with Rewilding Britain: Frequently Asked Questions

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Rewilding Britain, an important part of our Climate action plan. Read on to find out more about why we're supporting rewilding to restore our wonderful natural world, why we've chosen Rewilding Britain as our partner and what the partnership means.

What is rewilding?

Rewilding is a process of supporting nature to flourish, to allow areas to naturally regenerate and restore the ecosystems that keep the environment in balance. By supporting nature it will work hard for us in the fight against climate change, with native woodlands, heathlands, peatbogs and grasslands all helping to absorb excess carbon from the atmosphere.  By protecting existing, and creating new natural environments biodiversity is supported and encouraged, creating safe havens for species in decline which, given time, can bounce back.

Rewilding isn’t about just leaving the land or sea alone and seeing what happens (although that has its place!). The need for human involvement offers a chance to develop sustainable economic and employment opportunities. We are part of nature, we cannot survive without it, and yet we have become disconnected from it.  Through rewilding we have a chance to reconnect and thrive.

How does it mitigate damage caused by travel?

We believe that travel is a force for good, but we also acknowledge that our passion for exploring the globe has an impact on the climate and the natural world. A key element of our Climate Action Plan is recognising and taking responsibility for the footprint of our trips. Alongside our commitment to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, we are seeking to mitigate the emissions that we cannot entirely remove by investing in ways to restore and protect the natural environment. If 30% of Britain’s land and seas was encouraged to rewild, it has the potential to capture over 10% of our annual carbon emissions. Coupled with work to reduce our emissions rewilding has the potential to play a large part in the challenge to decarbonise the UK. 

Who is Rewilding Britain?

Rewilding Britain is a small, independent charity, committed to championing rewilding for people, nature and in the fight against the climate emergency. Set up in 2015, Rewilding Britain’s vision is to see rewilding flourishing across Britain, to reconnect us with the natural world and to let nature lead the way in creating resilient nature-based economies.  Rewilding offers a chance to tackle the species extinction crisis and climate emergency. Rewilding Britain works hard to increase awareness of the benefits of natural climate solutions and campaign for governments to recognise this and create legislation and policies to support rewilding initiatives.  

Why have you chosen Rewilding Britain as your partner?

We are passionate about exploring the world, yet our wanderlust never prevents us appreciating the beauty on our doorstep.  Right now the UK is considered one of the most nature-depleted countries, with over half of our species in decline, one-in-seven are heading towards extinction. It felt right to begin our journey to protect and restore nature close to home and we are proud to be working in partnership with Rewilding Britain. 

Explore have always believed in the benefits of local. Our local leaders, the local restaurants they share with our groups, and the local communities we support as we travel.  Rewilding Britain share this belief and work with communities to develop rewilding initiatives that contribute to local livelihoods as well as supporting nature. They look to inspire action, sharing the knowledge that can help us all make a difference and support nature in our daily lives. 

Where are the projects you’re supporting?

Rewilding Britain supports projects all over England, Scotland and Wales, in both land and marine habitats. The projects range in size from small projects such as the rewilding of a former coal mine and dairy farm in Derbyshire to large, ambitious projects like restoring the Caledonian Forest near Loch Ness. These innovative rewilding projects are all locally led, and are benefitting from collaboration and shared learning with others through the Rewilding Britain network

How is Explore supporting rewilding?

All bookings taken from Friday 29 October will include a donation to Rewilding Britain. This will mean that every customer booking with Explore will help to raise vital funds to support their work, including working towards the goal of 30% of Britain restored to a natural state by 2030.   

How can I help?

When you book a trip with us we’ll make a donation to Rewilding Britain, but you can also donate on their website and sign up to their enewsletter to keep updated on the latest in rewilding. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in a rewilding project, you can look up projects near you on their Rewilding Network map

Want to find out more?

To find out more about the work that Rewilding Britain do and how you can get involved visit their website. 


Book a trip with us and support Rewilding Britain

Book any trip with us and we'll make a donation to Rewilding Britain to support their important work. 
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