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Walking in Greece

Greece is a wonderful walking destination. With its dramatic landscapes, natural beauty, great climate and rich culture, there is much to explore. You can also be sure of a warm welcome in the local tavernas along your route.
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Small group and self-guided walking tours to Greece

Greece is a land of diverse landscapes, including many islands. Almost 80% of Greece is covered with hills and mountains which, combined with the beautiful coastlines, means the country has much to offer hikers. Greece is also rich with ancient history and mythology, and walking along its historic trails is a great way to learn more about this fascinating country.

Greece’s most famous and highest mountain is Mount Olympos, mythical home of the Greek Gods. To the west of this and continuing down through the central Peloponnese is the Pindos mountain range, which contains Greece’s second highest peak, Mount Smolikas, and Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world. All these regions have well established hiking trails. To the east, the beautiful Pelion Peninsula also has many paths and is popular with walkers.

Our most popular walking trips in Greece

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Top walking destinations in Greece

Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands in the west of Greece. It has long been known for its scenic beauty and today, away from the few resorts, Corfu remains a beautiful and surprisingly traditional island. A great way to explore this picturesque island and get well off the beaten track is on foot.

Corfu has many trails between towns and villages, passing over hills, through olive groves and past ancient monasteries. Trails also wind down to sandy beaches and rocky coves. The highest point on the island is the summit of Mount Pantokrater (917m), which has wonderful views down over the island and across to nearby Albania. The Corfu Trail is a 220km-long trail that stretches the length of the island. Choose to cover a stretch on one of our week-long trips, or take on the full trail on our two-week Corfu Trail Explorer trip.

Crete is Greece’s southernmost island, and it enjoys almost year-round warm weather, especially on the south coast. Dominated by mountain ranges that stretch from west to east, including the famous White Mountains, Crete also has plateaux, valleys, gorges and hidden coves to explore. The combination of these dramatic landscapes, the climate and the friendliness of the people make Crete a great place for a hiking holiday.

Historically the island was covered with paths joining towns and villages, but since the introduction of roads many are only used by shepherds and hikers. The island’s most famous walks are along the magnificent Samaria Gorge and to the summit of Mount Gingilos (2080 m); however there are many other enjoyable walks waiting to be discovered.

Follow the Andros Trail from the north to the south of Andros, home to mountainous landscapes and lush greenery. This historic trail has been recently restored. Our self-guided Andros Trail trip allows you to explore this beautiful little-visited island under your own steam.

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