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Best wildlife destinations in the world

Go in search of Bengal tiger in India, endangered Gorilla in Uganda or playful lemur on the 'lost continent' of Madagascar with a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife tour. Here is our guide to ten of the best wildlife destinations in the world.



Rise at dawn to trek through the damp and humid jungle, scaling steep paths and trudging through muddy ravines in search of endangered mountain gorilla in Uganda. Anticipation builds as you battle through the aptly-named Impenetrable Forest and then, as if out of nowhere, the rangers reveal a group of gorilla chewing bamboo shoots and climbing trees - a magical sight that will stay with you for a lifetime.
Go on safari in Uganda


For the ultimate safari experience, book a wildlife trip to Botswana. Cruise along the tranquil waterways of the Okavango Delta in search of lion, leopard and rhino making the most of the lush riverbanks, while pods of hippo and submerged crocodile can be spotted in the murky shallows. A safari game drive through Chobe National Park will reveal herds of elephant, whilst the Moremi Game Reserve is teeming with birdlife including fish eagle, jacana, kingfisher and heron.
Go on safari in Botswana

Costa Rica

Costa Rica's biodiverse ecosystem is a wildlife lover's paradise. Sloths drape themselves over the mossy branches of the Monteverde Cloudforest, and the flashes of emerald-green resplendent quetzal birds can be spotted in the dense jungles. Hang out with white-faced capuchin monkeys on the tropical beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park and visit between June and September to witness sea turtles nesting on Tortuguero's sandy shores. 
Spot wildlife in Costa Rica

Sri Lanka

If seeing elephants is at the top of your bucket list, Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations in the world to see them in their natural habitat. Watch vast herds roam the grassy plains and dusty red roads of Udawalawe National Park before visiting orphaned babies at a local rehabilitation centre. Furthermore, a trip to the quiet and less crowded wetlands of Wilpattu National Park may also allow you to spot the elusive leopard. 
Spot wildlife in Sri Lanka


Head to the 'lost continent' of Madagascar to come face to face with various species of lemur. With intense, wide eyes and striped tails, lemur are full of character and their distinctive vocal calls can be heard echoing through the rainforest. Trek through Ranomafana National Park in search of the Malagasy boa constrictor, chameleon, black parrot and cuckoo roller, and head to the pristine golden-sand beaches of Anakaoon to discover vibrant underwater displays of tropical fish and colourful coral. 
Spot wildlife in Madagascar


From the moment you arrive in Belize, you'll encounter an abundance of exotic wildlife and lush green landscapes. As the sun begins to rise above the protected waters of Crooked Tree Lagoon, we wander along its verdant banks in search of pot wood stork, heron, vulture, kingfisher, and the rare jabiru stork - at five feet tall and with a wingspan of up to nine feet, it is the tallest flying bird in the Americas. Dive into the crystalline waters of the Belize Barrier Reef to swim with turtle, and listen for the cry of howler and spider monkey at the Community Baboon Sanctuary. 
Spot wildlife in Belize

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are brimming with fascinating wildlife. Located far away from modern-day life, the animals here are less fearful of humans, and so the chance of a close-up encounter is great. Watch blue-footed boobies perform their courtship dance, observe frigate birds showing off their blazing-red throat pouches and spot marine iguana sunning themselves on the golden beaches. Sea lion play in the warm aquamarine waves of the Tintoreras Islands while giant tortoises roam the highlands of Santa Cruz. 
Explore the Galapagos Islands


An ever-popular wildlife destination, Borneo boasts dense jungles, shady mangroves, murky swamps, and humid montane forests that are home to a thriving ecosystem of fascinating mammals and birdlife. Watch the forest come alive as the sun's warm rays cast a golden glow over the canopy below as you climb up to an observation deck in the Danum Valley. The morning mist rolls over the top of the trees whilst a chorus of bird song echoes through the forest. Back on the forest floor, we set off on foot to look for orangutan, gibbon and sun bear, as well as the rare clouded leopard and Sumatran rhino. 
Spot wildlife in Borneo


Journey deep into the heart of India to spot the regal stripes of the Bengal tiger. There are four national parks to explore in this unique wildlife destination, giving you the best chance of spotting this majestic big cat as well as other endemic wildlife including sloth bear and sambar deer. Head to Tewa Lake to spot Mugger crocodile lurking in the shallows and on a jeep safari through Kanha National Park we hope to see guar, mongoose and leopard.
Spot wildlife in India


For a wildlife trip like no other, climb onboard an ice ship in Norway to sail through the remote polar region of the Arctic. Seals rest on giant ice floes and arctic fox roam the bleak, showy white tundras. Home to the 'King of the Arctic,' a trip to Spitsbergen also presents the chance to see an elusive polar bear. Look out for walrus resting on the frost-bitten beaches and reindeer grazing on the barren plains of this icy wildlife wilderness. 
Spot wildlife in Spitsbergen


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