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Privacy centre

Welcome to the privacy centre of Explore Worldwide Limited where you can find details on how we sensitively handle the personal data you provide when you interact with us via the website, sales and customer service team or in other ways. We appreciate there is a lot of information contained here, but we wish you to be fully informed of your rights and hope that we can answer any questions you have.   
Explore is a data controller.  We are a company registered in England (no. 01577018) registered address; Nelson House, 55 Victoria Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7PA, UK.  Explore is part of the larger Hotelplan UK Group which is a collection of niche tour operators in the UK including Inghams, Esprit Ski, Santa’s Lapland, Explore Worldwide and Inntravel.
When we state “we”, “us”, or “our” in this privacy policy, we are referring to “Explore Worldwide Limited”.

We are part of the HotelPlan UK group, which comprises Explore Worldwide Ltd, Inntravel, Inghams, Esprit and Santa’s Lapland, as such we manage our data within a Single Customer View (SCV) for all five brands. This means that whilst each brand can only see the data relevant to their brand, if you have given your data to two or more of the brands, any updates to your personal data with one, will update the SCV as a whole to maintain the data’s integrity and currency; this includes, but is not exclusive to, your name and your contact details.
Please note that the information given here equally applies if someone else makes arrangements on your behalf and provides us with your details. If you handle the arrangements for other travellers, please ensure that they are aware of the information contained within this privacy centre.

From time to time we may need to make changes to this privacy policy. These may be required as a result of changes in data protection laws or in the guidance issued by regulators such as the Information Commissioner’s Office (which is usually referred to as the ICO) or where we make changes to our procedures. The latest version of this privacy policy can be found on our website and is dated March 2023.

Privacy policy

Explore take your privacy extremely seriously and we are committed to doing everything we can to protect any personal data provided to us when enquiring about or booking a holiday or other travel service with us, visiting our website or through other means. This policy describes what, why and how we collect and use your personal data, how we protect it and how you can contact us.


Cookie policy

We use cookies and similar technologies for a wide range of purposes in our websites and email communications to deliver our services and improve your experience.  This policy describes the categories of cookies that we use (and are used by our partners), what they are used for, and how you can change your preferences. 


Privacy FAQs

Given the complexity of data protection, we have assembled some Frequently Asked Questions which may address questions you have in connection with the use of personal data and your privacy.


Privacy glossary

We have strived to use plain and simple language wherever possible but we recognise that some jargon is inevitably used when dealing with data protection and privacy.  In this section, we aim to provide simple definitions of some of the more commonly used terminology in connection with privacy and the processing of personal data.


Subject access request

Should you wish to raise a question or concern over how your personal data has been processed, or wish to correct an inaccuracy, you have the right to request further information. Full contact details can be found in the “Contact us” section of our privacy policy however, you can email to raise such queries, which we are obliged to respond to within one month, subject to satisfactorily confirming your identity.