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First solo trip with Explore? Top 7 questions answered

We’ve answered seven of our most-asked questions about travelling solo, so you can be confident in going on your own with Explore.


1. I’m not single but want to travel solo, is an Explore trip for me?

Absolutely! We know that single travellers are not just single people. You may choose to travel on your own for any number of reasons. On an Explore trip you’ll be travelling with a small group, so you’ll have plenty of other people to keep you company, including an expert local leader.

2. Will a group tour cover all the things I’d see if I travelled on my own?

Yes, and we would argue that you’ll see even more than if you travelled alone! We'll take you to all the must-see, iconic places that you won’t want to miss. But for those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we also aim for all our trips to include special moments and little-known gems that are not available to the usual tourist.

Swap the typical packed beaches in Jamaica for hikes in the jungle and lunch with a Rastafari community on our Explore Jamaica tour. Or follow a sunrise visit to the Taj Majal in India with a stay at an eco-lodge, and look out for wildlife like hornbills and fruit bats on the Highlights of Northern India trip.

3. Will I have to pay a single supplement?

As a single traveller you won’t have to pay any extra charges for travelling alone. A twin room is included in our trip price and we’ll pair you with another individual of the same sex.

If you’d prefer not to share your room you can opt to pay a single room supplement, available on most of our tours. Check the trip page to find out if this is an option and, if so, how much it will cost.

4. What will the other people in the group be like?

Roughly half of our customers travel solo, so it’s likely there’ll be a few others in your group travelling on their own. The beauty of solo travel is that you’ll meet people from all walks of life, and make friendships that last well beyond your trip!
To find out more about your group, you can ask our expert consultants about the breakdown of who has booked so far. They can share the number of couples vs solo travellers, for example, and the age range of the group. For privacy reasons they won’t be able to give any more detail than this, but it should give you an idea of who you can expect to travel with.

5. How many people will be in my group?

Our average group size is just 11; big enough to meet like-minded travel lovers and make new friends but small enough to get under the skin of your destination. You'll be able to access smaller villages and historical sites, without it feeling crowded or overwhelming. It also means your Explore leader can get to know each of you and easily share their knowledge and advice, to give you the best experience possible and ensure the trip runs smoothly.

6. Will I still get time to myself?

Yes, but how much you get will depend on the pace of the trip you choose. Our ‘Relaxed’ trips have the most free time, allowing you to explore by yourself or with other members of your group. At the other end of the scale, our ‘Full On’ trips are packed with all the must-sees and must-dos of your destination so you don’t have to compromise, but there'll be less down time.

On the majority of our tours you’ll have the evenings free to do as you like. This doesn’t mean you have to be on your own though, if you don’t want to be. Your Explore Leader will usually either organise a group dinner or recommend a place to eat. It’s completely up to you whether you choose to eat with others or would prefer a quiet dinner on your own or with just a couple of others from your group.

7. Will I be safe as a female travelling solo?

It’s our number one priority to ensure that all of our customers are safe on our trips. The benefit of travelling solo within a group is that you’re with other people and in particular a guide with local knowledge. Your Explore leader will be able to give you tips on the best way to stay safe in your destination in your free time.
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