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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: Red-stars

Total number of reviews: 1,843

Land Of Ice & Fire IC

Visiting: Iceland
Tour Duration 10 Days
  • Gullfoss Falls
  • Svartifoss Waterfall
  • Amongst the geysers
  • Enjoying Gullfoss Falls
  • Gullfoss Falls
  • Tour Style: Classic
  • Tour Type: Small Groups
  • Tour Pace: Moderate
  • Tour Comfort: Simple

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10 , 15/08/13


Carolyn Beaumont

Tour Name

Fire and Ice

Tour Code


What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

The amazing scenery was so easily accessible and it was made even more interesting by the information given by the tour guide - a mixture of fact and folklore, which sold the country incredibly well.

Tour Leader Name


How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

She kept us amused, accommodated, and informed. She seemed to switch into the psyche of the group and the humour of a British/Canadian/French group so that everyone got what they needed/wanted. 11 out of 10.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

Take some food for the plane journey.

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

I feel I've come away knowing more about the Icelandic culture and made some friends along the way. Added Bonus.

8 , 15/08/13



What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

The waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Svartifoss, Dettifoss and its neighbour Selfoss, and Godafoss. Each waterfall has a unique tale told and re-told in folklore and all dancing with rainbows. Commented by some that after all of this we were Fosed out! Add Puffin Island – fantastic, up the steep volcanic ash slope to get true close encounters of juvenile puffins and ending the trip running back down the ash slope like a giddy teenager, add Geysir, ‘The Butter Churn’, spouting regularly repeatedly shooting steaming hot water up to 40 metres high. BUT the true highlight for me Jokulsarlon lagoon, wow, floating amongst icebergs constantly moving we were treated to a glorious sunny day made more special by the sight of a seal languishing on one of the glacier enjoying the rays.

Tour Leader Name


How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Steffi was a font of knowledge and happy to impart a wealth of fact and fables along the way.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

Be prepared for some 'simple' accomodation and shared bathroom facilities everywhere outside of Reykjavik. The rooms are small and often converted schools and church dormitories, fortunately only 2 per room .. and of course the warm water is provided throughout the country by geothermal springs so every single one stinks of sulphur – but you do get used to it... At several stops we also had the chance to use the local swimming baths, with warm spa pools, but they have a strange condition that you have to shower before you enter them .. and you have to shower naked !

8 , 15/08/13



What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

The whole trip was full of highlights, but the waterfalls, geysir, volcanoes and thermal springs, as well as the puffins, were great to see - so much in a short space of time.

How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

I wanted to submit a review as I disagree with the negative comment about Steffi that is on the page at the time of writing. I thought she was brilliant - knowledgeable, helpful, accommodating and friendly. A fount of knowledge about the country and in my opinion went beyond what you might expect of a guide, giving a true insight to the place, culture, language and people. A real asset to Explore.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

A good introduction to Iceland.

10 Helen Middleton, 24/07/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

"Hiking up and walking the rim of a crater.
Puffin Island

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Our Response

We understand her performance fell below your expectations and we were disappointed to read this.   Whilst interaction between group and tour leader and, to a lesser extent, the provision of information are aspects of a tour that are difficult to quantify, we are sorry that in both areas you felt Steffi’s efforts did not match the level of service that you have come to expect on previous Explore tours.  Please rest assured that your feedback has been highlighted to our local agent and will be discussed with her at length as a matter of urgency to ensure that she is providing groups with the level of service and commitment that we expect.

In regards to your comment about the comfort rating on the trip, it may be helpful if we explain that the individual days spent at different hotels are labelled correctly as H in our accommodation ratings: 

H : Basic hotels, lodges or guesthouses (also village houses, mountain huts, hotels etc often come into this category). Accommodation may be communal or dorm-style, and WC / washing facilities are usually shared. Running hot and cold water may be unreliable or even unavailable. These can be the most rewarding and memorable places to stay, but comfort levels are low.

As we use a variety of accommodation at many of our nightstops, our classification rating must be a rudimentary one and is not intended to give a specific indication of the facilities that will be available at each hotel. Nevertheless your feedback will certainly be considered as our grading system is being reviewed shortly and this tour has been under discussion.

8 Nick Ward, 17/07/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

If you love landscapes, then this could be the trip for you. Because Iceland has LANDSCAPES in a big way, and all of them very different from home. So no, I won't be picking out any highlights because there were just too many. Glaciers, icebergs, whales, geysers, lava fields...

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Our Response

We like to ensure that our itineraries are busy and enjoyable and we are delighted that the road journeys across the fascinating Icelandic landscape were enjoyable.  We do agree there is little chance of getting bored on an Explore trip.

We do feel that 22 is a suitable maximum group size for this holiday but note that you feel having 21 in your group in all was too many.  We hope that this did not detract from your enjoyment of this holiday.  Our Product Managers will be reviewing this with our local agent as we want to make sure that we have the right number of customers travelling with us to ensure our tours retain their unique feel.

We also like to make sure that our groups are always able to spend as much time as they need when visiting sites of interest.   Not being able to do so would go against the spirit of adventure travel as you say.  We will follow up your observations as you should not at any time be made to feel you are being given insufficient time to fully appreciate the places you visit.

0 John, 15/08/11
An excellent taster of Iceland - touring around the Ring Road gave us a flavour of Iceland and we were able to visit most of the major attractions. We were lucky on three counts :  - the weather was amazing  - the Midges were very few  - a road bridge had been washed away (!).  This meant that we were provided with a 4x4 substitute bus that enabled us to travel through the Highlands which we would not have see otherwise. The accommodation was mainly in guesthouses with good fixed menu meals (inc veg option and lots of fish).  The lower grade accommodation was in schools closed for the summer - not as bad as it sounds : good rooms with hand basin, shared showers & WC and excellent food.    Our guide (Steffie) had a constant supply of information - both verbal & printed - on what we were (or about to see).    Plastic rules in Iceland - even for paying for a cup of coffee (there's usually a free refill included). This was good as the banks were closed when we arrived on a Saturday and we didn't see another until Tuesday. ATMs are available in most towns - but you will visit them only occasionally. We flew Iceland Express on the Group flight from Gatwick - had I known it also flies from Manchester (& Scotland), I'd have flown from there.  It's a 'cheap' airline so be prepared to pay for anything or take your own food.  Don't be surprised if your plane is in "Iron Maiden" livery - they've chartered it from the heavy metal group for the Summer high season. The highlight for me was the Skaftafell National Park - walking the hills and on the glacier. It would have been a real rush to do everything on offer : Puffin watching + glacier + Swartifloss : but some did it (just). There's lots (too many?) opportunities to soak/swim in heated pools. My blog with more info & snaps is at ( IC - 8th July 2011)
0 DPRM, 11/07/11
Comprehensive tour around Iceland, wonderful scenery, deserted roads, good food, saw a pod of 20-30 Minki Whales, walked on a BLACK glacier (Volcanic Ash) glad I took a good camera and tripod as amazing photography opportunities. Climbing a mountain after evening dinner and reaching the summit at midnight in broad daylight was unforgetable!    Do be prepared for VERY changeable weather, so far Iceland has had a poor summer and in the East where temps can reach high 20s it was 1C and blowing 30mph from the Arctic ...anoraks hats and gloves needed... by the time we finished our tour it was T-shirt weather! Plenty of hot tubs and swimming pools so do take swimwear (and goggles if you do lengths), Natural Baths near Lake Myvatn were stunning and uncrowded. (IC - 10th June 2011)
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