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Explore our Travel Photograph of the Year 2018 competition

Once again, your submissions for our annual Travel Photograph of the Year competition have had us gasp in amazement and sigh in wonder.

After a tough judging process, we’re excited to share with you some of the shortlisted entries, including the overall winner.

Take a look at some of the photographs taken by our Explorers this year, including our spectacular winning entry.

WINNER: Stunning Brazilian toucan, Brazil

The winning photo was taken in Parque das Aves, near Iguazu Falls. The attention to detail in this photo is simply beautiful. “We were so in awe of nature with the wonderful colours of these amazing birds”, said the photographer, Paul, about his trip to Brazil.

RUNNER UP: Top of the Tahora Saddle, New Zealand

New Zealand is well-known for its beautiful scenery, but the early bird certainly catches the worm when it comes to capturing the early morning mists as Charmaine has done.

This shot looking towards Mt Ruapehu, one of New Zealand’s many active volcanoes, really gives you a sense of the magic of these isles.

RUNNER UP: Indigenous tribal chief and brother. Brazil

Meeting local communities is an important part of travelling, as Maria describes; “Meeting these people near Manaus, Brazil, who had travelled from Venezuela looking for a better life, was a rare privilege.”

RUNNER UP: Sunset stripes, Swaziland

Lorna was in the right place at the right time on her Swaziland trip to get this beautiful picture “The distinct stripes of these enchanting black and white creatures effortlessly beamed against the orange glow of the sunset - a moment I couldn’t resist capturing.”

RUNNER UP: Summer in the Caucasus, Georgia

The little-explored Caucasus offered Jeremy some fantastic panoramic views. His close-up buttercup is shown against the stunning backdrop of Svaneti’s Mount Guro, which perfectly frames the vibrant flower in all its detail.

RUNNER UP: At the end of the day

Tom’s stunning shot of the sun setting behind the U Bein Bridge over Burma’s Lake Taungthaman shows how patience can lead to great shots.

“The man with the bicycle sat stationary for a long time, as if knowing that people on the lake would be photographing him. My boat was perfectly placed, enabling me to frame him within the whole sun’s sphere.”

The spectacular photographs featured here are also in our 2019 calendar, alongside six other shortlisted entries.

If you’d like to see your photo in our 2020 Explore calendar, and be in with a chance of winning the £250 prize voucher, send your photos to us at

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