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Pioneering experiences to unforgettable destinations

What makes a Beyond trip? In true Explore spirit they’re always adventurous, pioneering and responsible. Taking you truly off the tourist trails you’ll be some of the only tourists experiencing these itineraries.

These adventurous trips give you a unique opportunity to travel on a proposed new itinerary and in turn we get some great feedback from passionate travellers. Discover something new this year on our brand new Explore Beyond trips to some unforgettable destinations.

Sail down the Amazon River in Brazil – 16 days

See the vast Amazon Jungle from a boat as you sail from Belem to Manaus, spotting pink Amazon dolphins as you cruise peacefully along the river. Spot wildlife at Marajo Island, visit the stunning waterfalls of Vale do Paraiso and meet the local villagers near Alter do Chao.

New Beyond trips Aerial view over the Amazon at Belem

Cruise around Western Papua – 17 days

Cruising through the tropical waters of West Papua and Raja Ampat in Indonesia, you’re perfectly positioned to spot rare and colourful Birds of Paradise, kayaking through caves to discover skull cairns and experience the traditional communities that live in these remote parts. You’ll also get a unique chance to snorkel pristine coral reefs for a chance encounter with a whale shark.

New Beyond trip West Papua

Visit the untouched Ivory Coast - 13 days

After a period of isolation The Ivory Coast is opening up to travellers for the first time this year. Explore will be one of the first UK operators in the country to explore remote villages and rainforest, completely untouched by the western world, where the spirit gods and ancestral traditions are king. You’ll see the Ghost City where a life size replica of St Peter’s Basilica can be seen and meet the sacred warriors of the Dozo people.

New Beyond trips Masked warriors Ivory Coast

See the contrasts of Ukraine and Moldova – 16 days

For a unique perspective of Ukraine and Moldova stay overnight inside the Exclusion Zone at Chernobyl, discovering the ghost town of Pripyat. Head to Tiraspol, the capital of the breakaway territory Trans-Dniester, which is like a USSR time capsule and discover the beautiful landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains with its rushing waterfalls.

New Beyond trips Monastic Complex Ukraine and Moldova

View the Flowers of the Cape in South Africa – 14 days

Travelling from Cape Town to Windhoek during the wildflower season you’ll see the carpets of flowers with their vivid colours unfolding in front of you. Visits to local wineries and tea plantations will give you a taste of South Africa you rarely get to experience. You’ll cross over to Namibia to walk along the Fish River Canyon whilst enjoying one or two sundowners and climb the highest sand dune in the Namib Desert.

New Beyond trips The Cape Flowers South Africa

Meet the Tribes and see the Temples of Orissa – 15 days

Travelling to Orissa on the east coast of India is like travelling through time. You’ll meet the aboriginal tribe of Orissa, the Adivasi Mela, or first people of India and experience their culture in the annual tribal fair. Take a walk through villages and hamlets, meeting the Desia and Kutia Kondh tribes before discovering the colourful markets of the Bonda and Dungaria Kondh tribes. You’ll also see the beautiful temples and monasteries of the Buddhist, Hindu and Raj eras in this little known area of India.

New Beyond trips Tribe crossing a stream Orissa India

Experience Two Traditional Festivals in China

The Tagong Horse Festival of Ancient Kham – 19 days

Nomads travel for miles to see and perform in the annual horse festival. You’ll get a chance to spend time with nomads as they demonstrate their equestrian skills and celebrate their culture. Visit the monks and nuns of the world’s largest Buddhist centre, meet the pandas at Chengdu and see the stunning Ancient Kham with its high mountain passes on this unforgettable trip.

New Beyond trips Horsemanship skills Tagong Horse Festival

Kunming to Hong Kong and the Buffalo God Festival – 18 days

Join the Miao people as they celebrate an enduring relationship with the buffalo. Immerse yourself in traditional singing, dancing and feasting. Pass through the curtain of water at Huangguoshu Falls, Asia’s largest waterfall, walk along a section of The Great Wall and wander through the strange Stone Forest of Shillin.

New Beyond trips Miao Lady China

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