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Enjoy Authentic Cuba

Experience real Cuba staying with local families in traditional ‘casas particulares’ 

We’ve had such great feedback about these casas that we’re now offering them on our 'Best of Western Cuba' trip. These family-run guest-houses are often packed full of history, photos and memorabilia and you can expect a friendly service.

From January 2017, Explore guests on our ‘Best of Western Cuba’ trips are staying in ‘Casas Particulares’. We already use casas as accommodation in Trinidad on this tour, and have had such good feedback that we’ve now decided to use them in Havana, making this trip our only cultural Cuba trip to use casas rather than hotels.

Cuba’s traditional ‘casas particulares’ are family-owned guesthouses and usually two or three rooms in the family’s house are rented out for tourists. A unique set-up, this is the best way to get to the heart of local life in Cuba. Many of the casas have fairly basic facilities but even so they are often more comfortable than the outdated state hotels, despite being cheaper.

The families running these casas genuinely care about their guests and want them to come back so they ensure they provide a friendly, more personal service. We think that using casas also gives you, the traveller, a better understanding of Cuban life. They are slightly different to homestays elsewhere, as there is no obligation to spend time with the family – indeed, you will be out on your tour all day, and they are often going about their daily business. There are also usually private areas where guests can relax in comfort. However, these dwellings are generally packed full of history, photos and memorabilia - and if you can communicate with your host in smatterings of English/Cuban, you will get a great glimpse into local life that you wouldn’t get with a hotel stay.

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